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Carpet and Rugs
Our dry cleaning system leaves your carpet and rugs clean, deodorized and disinfected with a quick dry-time.
We hand-clean upholstery. Utilizing our cleaner, the process leaves your furniture clean with a quick dry-time.
Wood Floors
Wood floors looking dull in high traffic areas? We use cleaner, specific for wood floors, to clean and buff your floors to a nice sheen.
Stone Floors
Utilizing a stone floor cleaner, we mop and scrub your floor clean leaving it with a honed finish.
Tile Floors
Tile and grout cleaning needs a specific cleaner to get the gunk out. We mop on the cleaner, power scrub it and mop it off. Afterward we buff it for a nice shine.
Power Washing
We can power wash decks, patios, paths and any other outdoor floors that need to be cleaned.


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