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Carpet Master of Tulsa

Back in the early 80's, I managed a retail store in Utica Square. There was a pop spill on the carpet and I needed it cleaned. I called the most recommended carpet cleaners in town to have them come out and take care of it. They were late, but when they showed up, they cleaned the spot. It looked fine. Only a short time later, the spot came back, but a bit larger. When I asked them to come back, they couldn't for a couple weeks. So I had to schedule them to clean the whole showroom. It wasn't long before there were dark pathways near the entrance and the registers... spots everywhere. I asked them to just schedule 1 day a month to come and clean and they wouldn't even do that! They said to call whenever I was ready! I thought to myself, there has to be a better way to clean carpet. If the best company in town was so busy they couldn't keep up with demand and they provided terrible customer service, surely there is an opportunity here! After some research, I found a dry-cleaning system that made sense and started Carpet Master of Tulsa. Its simple. If you work hard to provide a great service and make your customers happy, they will call you back and refer you to others!